I was arawen.

Konstanca, 18, Bulgaria.

I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier. I know that the clubs are weapons of war. I know that diamonds mean money for this art. But that's not the shape of my heart. +

I rarely do stuff like Follow Forever but since tumblr and mostly the people on tumblr became a part of my life, I decided to make this post with gratitude to them. All of the people which I mention in this post are amazing. They inspire me every single day with their thoughts, their beautiful photoshop stuff, with their sense of humor and friendly attitude. I’ve met such a wonderful people here and I’m truly grateful for that. It was a very difficult year for me but some of these incredible people were always there for me. They were supporting me and were giving me always the most right advices. I know that the rest of the people in this list don’t even know about my existence but they are special to me and I’m glad for having them on my dashboard and on my following list. I wish you with all my heart a truly wonderful and unforgettable summer filled with great moments and memories. I’ve learned that it isn’t easy to make friendships, to find people with same interest as yours but I found such people in this site and I’m completely happy and grateful for that. You are simply the best and I love you. Let me send you a big and sincere virtual hug!

I want to pay particular attention to my favourite people/blogs on tumblr who aren’t only blogs on my dash but also people who I can talk to all the time and who really mean a lot to me.

Pati | Dani | Annie | Vicky | Alana | Natalie | Thea | Maria | Nafisa | Desi | Brianna | Amna | Lisa | Abby | Laura

And here are all the wonderful people in my Summer Follow Forever 2013. Once again - thank you for your existence, thank you for making each and every one of my days much better. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face even in my darkest moments. Remember that you mean a lot to me and I respect and love you. 

A - Calanableum | anthonyperkin | blewart | blurrymelancholy | bobdeniros | cesarelucrezia | cutecruel
D - Fdamehelenmirrens | dearhannibal | dirwolves | doubrev | emmath0mpson | freecocaine
G - Ihamibal | hanniballectershollywhood | hxcfairy | ingridsbergman
J - Ljamesbadgedale | jessiccachastain | jolieing | katerinapierce | 
lecrawleys | lecterings | literaticore | lestarks | lestreep
M - Omaddsmikkelsen | madsochist | marioncotillard | 
marybelievesinimagination | miafarrows | michellewilliamss | midnightsorrow | 
mikkkelsen | missavagardner | mmorrow | mrsmerylstreep | mrsnaomiwatts | mrsstreep | mydearwill | nataliewoodd | nojustice | ofhelias | ofthestarks | ohne-dich | olkwa | opposite-directions
P - Tr-iddlesinthedark | raffaellacarra | rrueplumet | sabrastreep | sageshorty | scarletraviere | shakespearee | skorsese | someonelikehugh | songsofwolves | stannisbaratheon | starfishlove | stephhr | stonehearting | streepsession | 
sugardaddystoph | thatwetshirt | thenorthrememberss | thorinium | threepatchproblem | tossme
U - Wuneamiedelabc | vaeltaa | volchitza | wednesdaydreams | whokilledcookie | winonasryder
X - Zxanis

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